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Work Stop

work stop

A movable, work-locating device magnetically attracted to the side of machine vises.  The end of the work stop has a setting stop rod.  Acu Saw Work Stop is especially suitable for small batch CNC operations.  Works with all machine vises having ground sides.  Unique design. (Patent pending)

Reduces Setup Time   Offset of the work piece is pre-settable on the work stop.  Work edge measurement with edge finder can be eliminated as long as the location of the vise remains unchanged.
Versatile   Allows setting within the jaws, at the side of the vise, or outside of the jaws.
work stop position1 work stop position2 work stop position3

Unobstructive   Completely removable from the working area by simply sliding along the side of the vise.  If left in place the 1/8" diameter stop-rod allows machining close to the top of the jaws.  When step-jaws are used the stop-rod fits into the step below the top of the jaws.

Universal   Does not require re-setting when jaws are changed because the workstop reaches over the jaws.
Repeatable   One-piece construction and powerful magnet eliminate backlash and clearance.


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Body:  7075 Al, anodized
Stop-rod:  hardened & ground dowel pin
Magnet:  neodymium iron
Adjustable Screw:  M4
Max. stop-rod reach:  2-3/8".
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$32.85 USD

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