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Universal Vise Jaws

universal vise jaws

Replacement jaws for machine vise designed to reduce setup time for production and prototype runs (patent pending).  Parallels are clamped against jaw face without fasteners and can be changed in seconds. The parallels are also moveable along the jaws allowing for quick and easy setup of difficult pieces like "L" and "T" shapes.  Fits 6 inch machine vises - KURT, CHICK, BI-LOK, HURON, etc. 

Parallels clamped by powerful magnets,  do not attract steel chips.
Extra small or special steps easily achieved by shimming standard parallels or by making your own.
Full work support over entire width of the vise.  Narrow work-pieces accurately set in the middle of the vise.
Easy use of standard angle gage blocks.
Two different height parallels can be assembled on the same jaw.
Compatible with existing inventory.  When clamping long pieces over two vises, Acu Saw Jaws may be used on one vise and Kurt full jaws or Snap-Jaws step jaws on the other.
universal vise jaw details

universal vise jaw configurations


parallel sets

Set of 6 parallels & set of 2 half length parallels.

Dimensions:   18.41mm x 44mm x 151.6mm (0.725"x1.732"x5.968")
Parallel Sizes(mm): 37.00 36.00 34.00 32.00 20.00 15.00
Half length of parallels:   36mm and 34mm
Ledge width:   2.3mm
Material:   hardened and precision ground steel
Magnet:   removable neodymium iron cartridge

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universal vise jaws video
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UJ 1 Pair of Jaws $314.00 USD
UJ-IP Set of 6 pairs of parallels $79.90 USD
UJ-HP Set of 2 pairs of half length parallels $24.90 USD
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Prices and specification subject to change without notice.  Copyright 2001, Acu Saw Ltd. All rights reserved.