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Twin Tool Holder™

twin tool holder

An adjustable twin tool holder configured in the lathe turret like an OD turning tool.  Used for quick set-up of center drills, spotting centers small drills, taps, and small boring bars.  More compact and stiffer than drill chucks or collet chucks. (patent pending)


thru coolant twin tool holder




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Increases the tool capacity of your turret.
Reduces cycle time due to shorter distance between the tools.
Accepts small tools having nonstandard OD.  No need for special bushings or collets.
Set-up using tool pre-setter or touch the workpiece at the end of the twin tool holder.  
Available with thru holder coolant supply for better direction of the coolant to the tool.

Can be compensated for turret misalignment to set the tool center to the true spindle center.
Stiffer than drill or collet chucks.
Tool OD Ranges: 1/16" - 5/32" and 9/64" - 1/4".  Both ranges are in the same tool holder.
1" shank
1/8NPT coolant port

TT thru coolant $310.00 USD
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