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Tooth Inspector™

tooth inspector

Circular saw research tells us that if a tooth is not ground symmetrically about the saw-plate, the saw will pull to one side.  This has always been a problem to identify, as it means very close inspection of the tooth, with reference to the saw plate.  Up until now, there has been no instrument available to measure this problem with any degree of accuracy until the development of the Tooth Inspector.

The tooth inspector will help to identify the following:
If the teeth are ground square to the saw plate.
If the side clearances are equal.
If the tooth side clearance angles are equal.
What is the quality of the surface finish of the grinding.
Is the cutting tip sharp or dull.
Is dubbing evident.

tooth inspector and lamp

The tooth inspector is portable and can be used on both band saws and circular saws.  With this instrument, quality control of tooth preparation is now possible in filing rooms.

teeth close-ups

tooth inspector close-up

By combining the use of a twenty magnification microscope, a dedicated designed reticule, precision ground slides, and a magnetic mounting base, the instrument can be invaluable in establishing new levels of saw preparation.


$1,325.00 USD

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