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Clear View™

clear view - adhesive type

clear view - screw-on type

A device mountable on the inner side of CNC machining center windows to prevent abrasion and coolant splash in the localized area of the window.  Acu Saw Clear View allows checking of tool setup and tool coolant delivery while the machine is running with the door closed.  Low profile device with no moving parts (patent pending) is activated on demand using shop compressed air.  Clear View can be installed in milling and in turning centers.  Two types are available.  The screw-on type is intended for mounting on polycarbonate surface and requires drilling of four screw holes into the window.  The adhesive type Clear View is used for glass windows and is mountable by silicone sealant.


wide viewing angle
protects polycarbonate surface
virtually no maintenance
inexpensive replacement of protective glass insert
low profile - easy mounting on lathe sliding doors
insignificant obstruction of viewing area
Air line installation kits available to fit most machines.

clear view cross-sections

clear view installation kit

Installation Kit:
1 on/off valve
1 door air connector
2 air fittings
2 8-32, 1" long screws
4' of polyurethane 5/32" tube
9' of polyurethane 1/4" tube

View Installation Diagram

Size:   5" O.D. x 1/2" thick for screw-on type
Size:   5" O.D. x 5/16" thick for adhesive type
Body:   aluminum alloy
Air Pressure:   max. 120 psi
Air Consumption:   4.2 cfm
View Adhesive Type Dimensions (in mm)
View Instructions for Screw On Type
View Instructions for Adhesive Type
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clear view video
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CV-A Adhesive $262.50 USD
CV-S Screw-On
CV-IK Installation Kit $116.25 USD
CV-RG Replacement Glass $9.00 USD
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